Our Mission

To Restore the Standards of Air Quality in our State.

“The National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) proposes to reduce pollution in 102 cities where standards of air pollution are in excess in the next 10 years – 35% in next 3 yrs, 50% in next 5 yrs and 70-80% in next 10 yrs.”

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key concerns & Required actions

Monitoring Committee - Plan of Action

  • Take stock of all the actions taken so far in the light of the various directions of the Tribunal and the report of the Committee.
  • Propose time bound action plan to deal with the problem and ensure the implementation.

Our Key Concerns

  • Industrial Pollution
  • Dust Pollution
  • Construction Activities
  • Garbage Burning
  • Agricultural Pollution
  • Residential & Indoor Pollution

Controlling Air Pollution in our State

The Action Plan will include components like identification of source and the apportionment considering sectors like Vehicular pollution, Industrial pollution, Dust Pollution, Construction Activities, Garbage Burning, Agricultural Pollution. Residential & Indoor Pollution.

Join Us to Save our Environment

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